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Hackman's Miniature Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles is located Brownstown, IN. A father and daughter's love for animals has grown into our family venture to share the love and companionship we have found in doodles with all of you. Our sweet family pets are loved and cared for each and every day. They have great dispositions and love people of all ages. It is our mission to provide healthy, happy pups that make great family pets. We hope you fall in love with our dogs as we have and find one to welcome into your family!


These are the current pictures taken from our Instagram page @hackmans_doodles

Our work


We love seeing our doodles welcomed into caring homes.  We have compiled a ton of pictures while dong so!  Some puppies even have their own Instagram page too!


Feel free to fill out and send the form to learn more about our doodles!

E-Mail is the best way to contact me as I am not always available to answer the phone.

(812) 216-4609 (Haley's cell)

*Feel free to text or leave a detailed voicemail message and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

*Please check the website for basic info before emailing (such as pricing), it is all listed. 

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"Two is better than one"'s not just a saying at our house, we live it! We got our first Hackman's doodle in Dec 2015 and it's been awesome since! My husband and I had been looking at dogs for a couple of years and knew someone who had a mini golden-doodle from them and just loved her. Looking at their site was the first time we'd heard of a "Bernedoodle" and we've been hooked ever since!  The unique colors and markings, the temperament and no shedding!  Indy is now 15 months old and honestly, the best dog. We get told this by EVERYONE! He goes to Lowes with us regularly, out to dinner in the summer, we even had him in Macy's once! He is smart, gentle, calm, funny, great with all people and all dogs. We knew pretty early on we wanted a play mate for him (he loves to play) and decided there was nothing better than another Hackman doodle (a direct sibling, no less) We brought home our 2nd bernedoodle, Riggs, January 2017. Indy is now the best big brother, and he takes a daily beating from his little brother!   

...truth be told we actually have 3 in the family, as my mom loves Indy so much she got a little brother too! We can't say enough good things about the Hackman's as people but also their great dogs.

-The Knutsons 

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Maui and Lulu

I honestly cannot say enough about our miniature goldendoodles from The Hackman's!  We fell so in love with Maui, who is now 2 years old, that we decided to add another family member!  So in August we brought Lulu home and have loved every minute!  They are the best-natured dogs; very easy to potty train and excellent with the kids!  They both love to cuddle and they also love play time!  The Hackman's are such a wonderful family and you can tell they love what they do!  The puppies are well taken care of, kept in a very clean environment, and sent to their new families with much love!  I would HIGHLY recommend them to anyone considering adding a fur baby to their family!  You might even decide to get two puppies!

    - The Criswells

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